Practice Areas

Vowell & Associates, LLC offers Arbitration, Mediation, and Private Judging services.

Arbitration agreements require that persons
who signed them resolve any disputes by
binding arbitration, rather than in court
before a judge and/or jury.

Mediation is an informal process during
which an impartial third party, the mediator,
assists disputing parties in reaching
a mutually acceptable agreement regarding
their dispute. The mediation session
is intended to identify pertinent issues,
clarify any misunderstandings, explore
solutions, and negotiate an agreement.

Private Judging: Alabama Act 2012-266 authorized the appointment of former or retired judges to serve as private judges in certain district and circuit court cases.  Alabama’s Private Judge Acts allow parties to hire certain qualified former judges to hear certain types of cases and make decisions, bypassing the court system to streamline the process.